Tahiry Jose - Blackmen Magazine May 2013 (5-2013) USA

Tahiry Jose

Tahiry Jose | CoverTahiry Jose 1Tahiry Jose 2Tahiry Jose 3Tahiry Jose 4Tahiry Jose 5Tahiry Jose 6

Briana Ray

Briana Ray 1Briana Ray 2Briana Ray 3Briana Ray 4

Dolly Castro

Dolly Castro 1Dolly Castro 2Dolly Castro 3Dolly Castro 4Dolly Castro 5Dolly Castro 6

Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones 1Jasmine Jones 2Jasmine Jones 3Jasmine Jones 4Jasmine Jones 5Jasmine Jones 6

Kelsey Adams

Kelsey Adams 1Kelsey Adams 2Kelsey Adams 3Kelsey Adams 4Kelsey Adams 5Kelsey Adams 6

Lira Galore

Lira Galore 1Lira Galore 2Lira Galore 3Lira Galore 4Lira Galore 5Lira Galore 6


Kiara 1Kiara 2Kiara 3Kiara 4

Tresupe P

Tresupe P 1Tresupe P 2Tresupe P 3Tresupe P 4Tresupe P 5Tresupe P 6

Ashley Zee

Ashley Zee 1Ashley Zee 2Ashley Zee 3Ashley Zee 4Ashley Zee 5Ashley Zee 6

Dazie Moore

Dazie Moore 1Dazie Moore 2Dazie Moore 3Dazie Moore 4

Kay Louise

Kay Louise 1Kay Louise 2Kay Louise 3Kay Louise 4Kay Louise 5Kay Louise 6

Mayoli Sena

Mayoli Sena 1Mayoli Sena 2Mayoli Sena 3Mayoli Sena 4Mayoli Sena 5Mayoli Sena 6


Miracle 1Miracle 2Miracle 3Miracle 4Miracle 5

Sherrie D

Sherrie D 1Sherrie D 2Sherrie D 3Sherrie D 4


Martina 1Martina 2Martina 3Martina 4

Vida Supa

Vida Supa 1Vida Supa 2Vida Supa 3Vida Supa 4

Veronica Trinidad

Veronica Trinidad 1Veronica Trinidad 2Veronica Trinidad 3Veronica Trinidad 4Veronica Trinidad 5Veronica Trinidad 6

Destiny Moore

Destiny Moore 1Destiny Moore 2Destiny Moore 3


Marilyn 1Marilyn 2Marilyn 3Marilyn 4Marilyn 5Marilyn 6Marilyn 7


Katherine 1Katherine 2Katherine 3Katherine 4

Danielle Fawcett

Danielle Fawcett 1Danielle Fawcett 2Danielle Fawcett 3Danielle Fawcett 4Danielle Fawcett 5Danielle Fawcett 6Danielle Fawcett 7

Jenelle Salazar

Jenelle Salazar 1Jenelle Salazar 2Jenelle Salazar 3Jenelle Salazar 4Jenelle Salazar 5Jenelle Salazar 6


Frenchy 1Frenchy 2Frenchy 3Frenchy 4Frenchy 5

Annie Roco

Annie Roco 1Annie Roco 2Annie Roco 3Annie Roco 4

Roxy Milan

Roxy Milan 1Roxy Milan 2Roxy Milan 3Roxy Milan 4


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